Question: You Claim That Everything You Said Came To Fruition Regarding The Weather And It Appears You May Be Right. But You Said The Economy Would Not Recover But It Appears That It Has. How Do You Explain That?


Donald Bohanon: When I made that statement it was in a broader and future context. The point being, the economy wont fully recover if the nation continues on it’s present immoral and perverse path, and the nation will continue to be plagued and eventually destroyed. So the full fulfillment of that prophecy is yet future. But in all honesty the economy hasn’t recovered.


The unemployment rate is actually much higher than what’s being reported by the liberal media. When you factor in all the people who have stopped looking for work, and other variables, like the many temporary and low wage jobs that have  been created,as opposed to full time higher wage jobs that you can actually live on and support a family with.


Click Here for more information about the state of the real economy. In addition to the fact the economic growth has remained steady for the most part at about 1-2% which indicates very little economic improvement. Not to mention the fact that the fed is artificially keeping interest rates  low to spur job creation, but the unemployment rate still remains at about 9.5% and 1-2% economic growth.


The reduction of interest rates, by the fed, alone, should have resulted in a much better economic picture than what we see now. What happens when the fed starts increasing interest rates? What happens to an already relatively flat housing and auto market then? All those moderate gains could very well just vanish.Not to mention the fact that the nation is trillions of dollars in debt.


Based on all these and other factors it becomes clear that the unemployment rate is higher and the illusion of a solid, improved economy, is just a smoke screen. Not to mention the dismal unemployment rate in minority communities which is much higher than the doctored and deceptive national rate.


I think in the month of April job creation was just around 160,000 jobs or so( April’s job numbers were also recently revised down — from an original estimate of 160,000 jobs to just 123,000) and only an abysmal 38,000 in the month of May.Which is alarming in the eyes of most economists. There are so many factors that suggest the economic recovery that’s being touted is an illusion,much like the housing bubble that eventually burst.


So as you can obviously see the economy is actually faltering and crawling along. In terms of “the work of the Presidents hands being cursed” which I assume is what you are referencing.


I think I would consider the fact that he is the first lame duck President in years.In addition to the fact that most of what he’s touched or enacted is faltering, very controversial, and has essentially divided the nation, and has the nation in turmoil.Not to mention many of the laws he’s passed that will eventually insure the fall and destruction of the nation. 


The negative results and backlash many of those laws and policies have created, make no mistake about it, are examples of cursed policy, and or the work of his hands being cursed as well.


The destructive outcome of the policy confirms that it’s a cursed policy. The fact that you pass the law does not dictate success or failure, but the outcome and benefit or lack of benefit of the law does.There is no beneficial fruit in simply passing the law, but in what the law produces.


If I’m a heroin junky who successfully scores some smack, that I eventually die from, by overdosing, just because I was successful obtaining it, doesn’t mean it resulted in a successful outcome,if it ultimately killed me. It was obviously a curse, cloaked as a cure.


The fact that you pass a law or policy doesn’t determine it’s success, if that policy results in the fracture,fall and destruction of the nation.You can rest assured that’s an example of  cursed, failed policy.Because it’s produced nothing good or beneficial, but only discord, disorder,contention,and a nation that’s divided,in turmoil, and being plagued by God because of his disgust at the direction it’s taking.  


His Foreign Affairs policies.The Iran Nuclear deal.The rise of Isis.And the overall destabilization in the Middle East.Legalization of Homosexual and Lesbian marriage.Promotion of access to bathrooms by Transgenders for instance, are things that have come back, and most likely will come back to bite the nation in the butt. And are just some  points that support that claim.


I hate to sound like a pessimist, I’m just pointing out the obvious. When you consider how many of these policies are faltering, have been unsuccessful, and how much they have destabilized and divided the nation, and are resulting in the nation being cursed and punished, it becomes clear that the work of  his hands have and are being cursed.


The liberal media which supports his radical, perverse agenda,wants to paint the false picture that he is this very successful and accomplished President, but when you take a closer look at the facts, that is an obvious illusion.


If he goes down in history as an accomplished President, it wont be based on the facts, but on the false illusion that’s been created, courtesy of the corrupt, biased, liberal main stream media.


A media which supports him and his radical agenda, which includes the legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage.Support of transgender laws regarding bathroom access,etc.And eventually the legalization of pedophilia, something which they are fighting hard to accomplish,etc.  


But to clarify what I meant as it relates to that Prophecy, and that is if the nation does not change it’s moral direction in multiple areas, fear God, reject abominations and abominably sinful behavior, have respect unto God’s commandments, etc.


It will continue to diminish, be cursed and plagued in terms of the weather and other areas, which will eventually impact the economy,etc.


All of which will ultimately  result in the fall and destruction of the nation. This is the point I was trying to make. In that context the nation will never prosper, and there will never be a full economic recovery but only temporary no matter who occupies the office of the President.


And this Presidents lack of success in many areas, and the destructive outcomes many of those laws and policies he’s passed (have and will produce) are just an example of  cursed actions and failed policy, and the beginning stages of national collapse.


The nation must change it’s moral direction and learn to sincerely fear God if it’s ever  going to survive. And unfortunately no President or leader is going to change that truth, unless of course they lead with the fear of God in their heart,while  applying what’s outlined in God’s word to the more critical, moral issues, that are destroying the nation.


He is the first lame duck President in years, and has left a nation fractured,in turmoil,being heavily cursed by God by way of destructive weather events.With a faltering economy.Greatly increased incidences of HIV infection in communities nationwide, because of the praise, promotion and encouraging of homosexual sex.Not to mention the rise of newer incurable diseases,etc, that were all prophesied to happen because of the same rebellion he is encouraging.


All as a direct result of many of the laws and policies he’s passed. I would hardly call that the example of a successful and accomplished President. But in reality clear examples of the work of his hands being cursed.When you truly understand how things are unfolding, and playing out. And I’m convinced that many of the policies he’s implemented will eventually prove to be curses, deceptively cloaked as cures.