Question: Why Can’t You Be More Positive About The Outcome Of The Coronavirus Crisis?


Donald Bohanon: I would love to if they gave me something to be positive about. But, instead, in the face of this plague from God’s hand, they continue to proudly promote sexual perversions and perverse ungodly relationships between men and men and women and women. Sorcery and black magic. Mass murder in the form of abortion and deaths in urban neighborhoods and communities, etc.


You see it proudly broadcast in commercials, sitcoms, and even family-based programming. It’s obvious they think it’s a game.  But God is not laughing. What do you want me to be positive about your destruction as a nation? Because that’s what’s about to happen if you continue to defy God in these ways.


You’re playing with the wrong person. God can and will break and humble you as a nation in such a way that you will be crying out to him and begging him for mercy. And that’s where you’re headed as a nation if you continue to thumb your nose in his face by practicing and promoting this filth.


You want me to speak of positive outcomes in the face of your blatant disrespect and rebellion against God but that’s not going to happen. You are about to be completely destroyed if you don’t repent.


As much as I would like to, I, unfortunately,  don’t have any uplifting speeches based on lies to feed you. I will tell you once again if you continue to defy and disrespect God in such a way all those who practiced, promoted, and supported these behaviors eventually are going to be destroyed. It’s as simple as that. And that’s the plain truth.