The C.P.D. is beginning to implement much needed reforms, now if the nation as a whole can begin to follow suit in terms revisiting how officers interact and engage with citizens particularly in urban neighborhoods and communities,oppressed and impoverished areas of the country, in addition to impoverished white areas,then I honestly believe we will be on our way to correcting some critical issues that are impacting and undermining society as a whole.


Mutual respect and more importantly mutual respect for human life no matter what the persons color,social or economic status,title or position, is absolutely crucial in making progress on this particular front.


Hats off to the C.P.D. for working to implement reforms that may hopefully, eventually, based on the success of those changes, be the catalyst that spurs changes and police reforms in other states as well. I think retraining officers to exercise patience and restraint,especially when dealing with unarmed suspects is one of the most obvious and critical issues that needs to be addressed.


While at the same time building on that foundation. This I believe will reap major trust benefits between officers and citizens and will serve to dramatically  lessen or decrease escalating violence against both officers and citizens.