By Donald Bohanon— Published October 30,2018


Kanye West in a recent strange rant claimed he put out the greatest music and was the best living recording artist.He also claimed the spirits of dead artist like Tupac Shakur,Bob Marley and Fela,manifest themselves through him and in so many words operated through him.


He also recently met with President Trump and in a strange articulation of his message began to talk about hydrogen powered planes,alternate universes and the abolishing of the 13th amendment…Among other things.


That meeting immediately received backlash from many liberals,the black community, and some support from conservatives.Many who claim he’s being wrongfully targeted and criticized because of his support for Donald Trump.


And I agree,that may be the case as it relates some of the criticism.But I believe everyone who is criticizing him is not necessarily doing it because of his support for President Trump.I honestly believe some genuinely think he has some psychological issues.


And I agree with that segment.Not just because of his irrational behavior, but also because of his own admission that he was diagnosed with an emotional and or psychological disorder.I also understand how demonic influence can mirror mental health problems and vice versa.


Based on my knowledge of scripture as well as the spiritual discernment that comes from being led by, or filled with the holy spirit….I have no doubt he is being influenced by demonic forces.If you’re not being led by the holy spirit and don’t have spiritual discernment and insight.. you unfortunately can’t and won’t be able to see and interpret the deeper spiritual issues..But common sense alone should tell anyone this behavior is alarming and disturbing. 


Because of his statements, as well as his behavior in many videos, and the video above.In the video above he has a spaced out look in his eyes as if he’s somewhat detached from the physical realm and is being influenced by some unseen force.He claims in so many words to be possessed by the spirits of dead musicians and rappers.


There was a demon in the Bible named “Legion” that Christ had to cast out of a man.This demon claimed it went by that name because there were many demons inhabiting the man at once…Mark 5:6-13.


This kind of demon possession (although not to the extent outlined in the Bible)has been documented but in many cases referred to as multiple personality disorder or some other term by psychiatrist and psychologist. I can also see why it would be advantageous for Satan to influence Kanye West to mention Tupac as one of the spirit sources of his self proclaimed musical genius.


Considering how many rappers and people in general esteem Tupac in high regard.And some may even say have elevated Tupac  to “God status”.Those who worship Tupac as a God would no doubt be influenced by such a statement and drawn to it.


Kanye may even be able to exercise major influence and control over them to some degree because of it.The Bob Marley and Fela statements also possibly producing a similar affect on those confused,lost and wayward fans,who are looking for answers and a savior in all the wrong places..


Kanye’s claim to be possessed by several spirits of dead musicians is very troubling and is indicative of some one who is being  influenced by demonic spirits.It makes it that much worse when you embrace the thought of being possessed by the evil spirits.We as Christians know he is not possessed by Tupac, Bob Marley or Fela,because they are all dead.And God condemns all forms of sorcery and communication with the supposed spirits of the  dead who have passed on.Because in actuality you are communicating with and summoning demonic spirits.And not the spirits of dead artists or relatives.


The Bible emphasizes in Ecclesiastes 12:7 at death the flesh or body goes back to the dust and the spirit goes back to God who gave it.It also emphasizes in Ecclesiastes 9:5 that the dead know nothing and even the memory of them has perished.In other words they don’t exist any more and have no knowledge of anything.The body separate from the spirit is unconscious.And the spirit separate from the body is unconscious. Kanye West, simply put, is being influenced by demonic forces.I’m convinced that’s what a major part of the problem is.The level of demonic influence is sure to get worse the more he embraces and or relishes the thought of having spirits operate through him. 


The Bible warns us about putting absolute trust in  mentally stable men to cure what ails societies and the world.It goes as far as saying cursed is the man who trusteth in man.Much less demon influenced and mentally unstable individuals.


Because they don’t have all the answers.Because the problems stem from mans carnal spiritual condition. Many Conservatives have jumped on the Kanye West band wagon because they feel he will be an asset to them in the midterms.


I honestly think he will do more harm than good.It’s also very dangerous to put faith in some one who is exhibiting this kind of  strange behavior while also claiming to be possessed by spirits.


If Satan is actually influencing him,(and I’m convinced he is to some degree)Satan will be operating through him.I’m convinced most of the people who are witnessing what’s happening don’t know what they are witnessing.Neither do they understand the gravity of the situation because of how influential this individual can be…if allowed.And how misguiding and destructive that can be. 


So,much of the advice he offers, may very well be coming from Satan,and in that case to heed that advice can and will prove to be catastrophic.It may even, in the beginning, yield what appears to be some positive outcomes.But if he allows himself to be influenced by evil spirits it will eventually blow up in his face and the faces of others.


Kanye West will not be the savior of the Conservative Party or the Nation.In fact,a number of policies he promotes and supports,will most certainly result in the destruction of the nation by the hand of an angry God.He is not God nor does he represent him.He is ego driven,arrogant,pompous and the list goes on.All Satan inspired characteristics and very offensive characteristics to God.


He is,based on my observations of him, and the statements he’s made,motivated by his own selfish agenda and goals.It’s all about him.If it’s all about him let’s see what happens when the fans stop buying his products.


Let’s see if he will still claim to be the sole reason for all of his success?He exhibits feelings of grandeur and a very profound grandiose attitude which is the pipeline to Satan’s influence.Because of the extreme level of pride that is on display and being exhibited by him and through him.Which is one of the primary tools which Satan uses to manipulate,corrupt and destroy men.


He is not the person to look to for salvation.He is not God.And I don’t believe his support of President Trump will help one bit in the midterms or primary elections.Nether will his advice be fruitful but quite possibly very detrimental depending on what he’s saying and promoting.I will be making a statement in a day or so in regards to the midterm elections about the outcome.So that “God” may be praised and glorified not “Kanye West”.


So you will keep your focus on “God”, and what he requires.Not what “Kanye West” requires.The message of love Kanye promotes is no different than the message of false love many false ministers promote.Which is to essentially support and embrace detestable behaviors that God despises.In actuality,its a message of hate for God and mankind….and not love.Because what it promotes is open and outright defiance of God and his word and the terrible consequences for mankind which will result from that.


I will be making a statement in a day or two about the midterm elections so you may witness God’s power and so he may be glorified and so you know what really must be done to save the nation and advance prosperity for all of it’s citizens.And when it happens it wont be by the hand of Kanye West.You can bet your life on that.


Kanye West is a rapper and not the savior of the Conservative Party,the Nation or the World.Money fame and celebrity,are not synonymous with wisdom,knowledge and leadership ability.Many people are blinded by his musical accomplishments and material gain,but are not paying attention to his condition and intentions.Following Kanye West may very well get you destroyed not saved.Following God’s instruction will get you saved and not destroyed.


Kanye West, based on his behavior in my opinion, is an ego maniac who appears to be  influenced by demonic spirits and is possibly on the brink of running amok.To follow him at this stage is to follow Satan to your eventual destruction.And if he’s embracing and encouraging spirit possession it can only get worse and pick up momentum while going down hill.He needs help and the right guidance.But how can you help a person who doesn’t acknowledge God and who feels he is God and has all the answers separate from God? 


 I have stated on a number of occasions “God” not “Kanye West” is responsible for your success and requires that you reciprocate in terms of fulfilling his will regarding  abominable behavior and practices.And if not remember the primary election is fast approaching.


Focusing on Kanye West as the reason for the success of the Conservative Party is done as way to  further a liberal agenda in regards to the promotion of sexual perversions and satanic devil worshipping which he obviously appears to be a proud spokesman and supporter of both abominable practices.. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the midterms that will be fulfilled in accordance with God’s will and not because of anything Kanye West does.