Question: Why Does Your Own Brother Dislike You?


Donald Bohanon: Because the wicked hate the righteous. Psalms 37:1-40, Psalms 37: 32. The Bible even says the righteous man’s enemies will be them of his own household. Matthew 10:36.  Not to mention the fact he’s a grandiose narcissist and a mild undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.


Let me start out by saying I would have never written this had he not been spewing lies. I only wrote it to set the record straight and dispel all the lies. I will never knowingly allow anyone friend, family, or foe, to falsely accuse, slander, and defame me without openly addressing it. I have done nothing but help this man and I have tried to avoid speaking negatively about him but it becomes increasingly more difficult to do considering the circumstances.


I won’t lower myself to insult him but I will just outline the truth here today. I have given him significant sums of money(although I doubt he will ever admit it) to help him when he was going through some rough patches and never required him to pay it back and only speak highly of him whenever someone asks me about him.


I’ve bailed him out financially over and over again when he was destitute and living on the streets. But he’s done nothing but repay that with lies, slander, and hate. But let me emphasize he did start a very successful business before all his problems started. But the problem was he never sent money back home when his family was going through some difficult times. But when he fell on hard times I didn’t hesitate to help him with as much as he needed. It’s amazing how God works those situations out.


But in all fairness, he has also displayed the same attitude with my younger brother who is now passed. He disliked him as well and looked down on him because he was struggling with an addiction.


But to be fair I think most of this is due to his undiagnosed mental illness. I’m convinced partly as a result of witchcraft that was being practiced against him at one point, and these are just some of the residual effects. 


He displays a grandiose attitude and regularly refers to people in general (his exact words) as garbage and vomit among other derogatory terms. He will even yell out and call his neighbors garbage and vomit for no apparent reason. And in rare cases antagonize them.


Which obviously has the neighbors shook and baffled. But they don’t know he’s a mild undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. He thinks people are talking about him when they are not. To be clear this is not an everyday occurrence and only happens every so often.


He’s a narcissist in that he thinks he knows what he’s talking about without having all the proper information and because of it he is usually wrong. That’s one sign of narcissism, a person who always thinks they are right without having researched the topic they’re talking about when in reality they are usually always wrong because of this.


He’s is overweight and eats extremely unhealthy which I’m sure is only exacerbating his mental illness. The fact that he served time only compounded an already terrible situation. He should have been given mental health counseling instead of being incarcerated.


All one needed to do was read the letters he wrote to the person he was accused of threatening to know he had some mental health issues. But to be fair the person he wrote the letters to was accused of stealing a large sum of money from him.  And although he is much better than he was previously he is still not fully recovered. And I’m sure his unjustified hate for God’s servants is hindering God from fully healing him. This is the crux of the problem, as opposed to anything I have done. 


He views me as an enemy and someone he dislikes. When all I do is pray that he gets better. He dislikes his own family but completely trusts and puts faith in complete strangers.


For example, he recently met a woman that he knows very little about (only what she tells him) that he puts a lot of trust in. He will talk down about his own family to this young lady he barely even knows in an effort to make himself look better and superior to his relatives. He normally lies to her about his financial situation to make himself look good. And to curry favor from the person he is relaying the lies and misinformation too. Just very weak and lame behavior. And will give her money that he desperately needs to continue the charade. 


He has to put others down to make himself look good. Something that effeminate, cowardly, individuals regularly engage in. He refers to her as his girl but she will only see him when he gets some money. At which point he goes running to her to give all or most of his money to her.Which she probably spends on her real boyfriend. In all honesty, she is playing him like an all-day sucker because he has no knowledge of how to deal with women. I call it tricking at light speed. 


And I think she is intentionally playing him because she’s peeped his lame, cowardly, backstabbing behavior, and is possibly offended and disgusted by it herself. In that, he demeans his own family to make himself look good and to curry favor from those he’s lying too. And has trusted practically everyone who has stabbed a dagger in his back. His sense of judgment is extremely impaired.


He trusts those that mean him no good. And dislikes those who have his best interest in mind. I’m convinced the mental illness is largely due to demonic and or Satanic influence to a large degree. Somedays he appears perfectly fine. And other days he is a bit off-kilter.


He won’t help his mother financially when he gets money but she always does for him. And tries to help him in any way she can. He won’t contribute or help her around the house unless she pays him. He has stolen from his mother on a few occasions but she always tries to maintain faith in him.


But he will practically run to give his money to someone he knows very little about. He sometimes likes to put on this front as a tough guy. But when growing up he would be quick to fight his own brothers but would normally cower when facing outside opposition.


He likes to periodically play the role of the tough ex-felon. But my theory regarding that situation is you can’t go in and come out tough when you weren’t necessarily tough when you went in. Unless you’re lying about what actually took place while you were in there.


Which many ex-felons do. I can’t say for sure what happened but you go in justifiably hating homosexuality but now question other people’s condemnation of the lifestyle? Which I find very peculiar and strange.


I’m not sure what happened but I know he never should have been in there for writing threatening letters. He should have been given mental health counseling. Not prison time. But he is pretty much harmless as studies have shown most mild schizophrenics are. And does more talking than not.


That’s why the prison system needs to be reformed for sure. God even shares that view. He doesn’t clean up behind himself. And if you clean something up he will come right behind you and mess it up. His car stays filled with junk and if you let him in your car it will look the same.


For example, I just recently cleaned and organized the garage for a relative because it was in bad shape but he came right behind me and put it right back in the condition it was in previously. He slanders and lies on his own family regularly while being guilty of many of the things he falsely accuses others of doing.


But these are just some examples of how Satan attacks the righteous when you are actually really living righteously. All I can do is pray for him. My objective is not to demean him in this response only to speak the truth and set the record straight regarding all the misinformation he’s obviously putting out there.


These kinds of attacks are not foreign to me they are apart of the Christian lifestyle but I will always set the record straight when these kinds of lies are brought to my attention. But to be clear these are spiritual battles I’m facing.


These kinds of attacks are coming straight from Satan as he operates through ignorant pawns like my brother, unfortunately. I have told him to keep his mouth shut in regards to the slander, lies, and gossip, or God is going to shut it for him. Proverbs 18:7, Proverbs 18:21, Revelation 21:7-8.


And I’m convinced the only reason God hasn’t struck him down is because I pray to God to have mercy on him and protect him daily. God knows I love my brother, but his behavior is making it increasingly difficult for me to show it. I felt it necessary to address this because this kind of behavior if not exposed can have far-reaching unintended consequences for several parties.