Question: Mr. Bohanon would you date outside your race?


Donald Bohanon: Yes, but I prefer black women. I like to use this analogy when answering questions like the one you posed, and that is, I like Neopolitan Ice Cream but I prefer the chocolate above the rest of the flavors. If that makes any sense. I’m not racist or prejudiced I just have a certain preference not unlike any other person with a particular preference.


Just like their particular preference doesn’t necessarily make them prejudiced, neither does my preference necessarily make me prejudiced. It’s just a preference.


And when I say black women that does not mean black women living in America exclusively, but it involves black women around the world in different countries like African women for instance, in various African countries which is actually what I mean when I say black women.


Black women or women in general who have been drastically influenced and shaped by American culture and society probably wouldn’t be a good fit for what I’m looking for in a woman.