Question: How Do You Respond To Ministers Who Say You Are Wrong The Corona Virus Is From Satan And Not From God?


Donald Bohanon: Well, if so, and they are true ministers then they should know God is infinitely more powerful than Satan so they should be able to go to God in prayer and ask him to stop the plague if it’s Satans doing.


And it should cease immediately. Not in WEEKS  or  MONTHS after a cure or vaccine has been found or when they’ve lowered the curve because God can operate that fast (immediately) and he will. So he will be glorified and not men. 


So if they are God’s ministers and it’s from Satan let them pray to God and he will stop it. Even if its some kind of strange anomaly in the environment or atmosphere they should be able to pray to God to stop it. But if not and it’s from God’s hand their prayers won’t work.


But if it is from Satan and they are God’s ministers God will most certainly stop the plague immediately if they are his ministers and have that type of close relationship with him.


So let them pray and break Satans curse and stop the plague. Let their prayers destroy the works of the devil and stop the plague.


In fact, let them gather many ministers together at the same time and let them all cry out to God mightily in prayer and surely God will hear their prayers if they are his ministers?


But if it’s from God he won’t hear their prayers. And he will only hear the prayers of his true servants (only if certain conditions are met) who are speaking the truth in relation to this crisis and every other issue.


And if God is using it as a form of mild correction to get your attention it may eventually begin to moderate over time.


But you can rest assured more chastisement is coming down the pike if the abominable sins are not repented of.  And at some point, God’s chastisement will result in total destruction and he won’t hear the prayers for mercy because he will have lost all patience.