Question:How Can You Being A Black Man Support Conservatives When They Are In Support Of Policies With Racist Undertones That Negatively Affect Blacks And Other Minorities?


Donald Bohanon: I’m in support of whichever group respects the will and the word of God and unfortunately you wont find that with radical, leftist liberalism. The truth of the matter is the radical left(which includes democrats and the democratic party) is hell bent on destroying anything representative of God.While at the same supplanting it with a radical,leftist ideology,that supports and promotes any form of twisted behavior,as long as  the individual who practices that behavior feels it’s right based on their own wants,lusts and warped twisted desires.


So where does that leave me?I will never throw my support behind such radical,twisted,anti God ideologies even if the whole of the black race falls in step with it.Why? Because I follow God and not men or women,race or nationality. With that being said I think it’s wise to apply a more liberal approach to some social issues such as prison reform and retraining police officers to exercise extreme restraint when dealing with unarmed citizens and even non threatening armed citizens,etc.Because after all legally bearing arms is a constitutional right.


Two critical and very important  issues I feel if not addressed can and will lead to chaos, anarchy, and eventually societal collapse.But it would be absolutely foolish and ill advised to apply a liberal approach to moral issues as it relates same sex marriage,etc. Behaviors that God views as abominations and has no tolerance for whatsoever.Filthy behavior that will incur the full wrath of God if not rejected.


That approach would be suicidal on a physical,spiritual and national level. So ultimately it’s not about race with me as it relates to what’s most important and takes precedence in my life,but about which group is more determined to implement specific,critical policies,that will have a respect for biblical principles as the core foundation.Because those specific laws and principles when implemented will benefit the whole of mankind,not just one specific race,which is what God is more concerned about, the whole of mankind,not just a specific race.


In short if you are a friend of God evident by what you support,promote,and by how you behave as that behavior correlates with God’s word, then I’m your friend and you have an ally in me. But if you are an enemy of God evidenced by what you support and promote and based on the way you behave as that behavior conflicts with God’s word,then I’m against what you support and promote and an adversary of what you support and promote.