Question: First I Appreciate The Content You Put Out And I Have Learned A Lot From It. But There’s An Issue You Need To Address About A Punk Named Oliver Pack And The Punk Stuff He’s Doing And Address It.I’m Sure You Know Him But The Way He’s Describing Things Ain’t How You Would Describe It I’m Sure. So Why Don’t You Let The Public Know What’s Really Up And Set It Straight?


Donald Bohanon: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your question and set the record straight about this lying, slandering, diabolical, and very mentally disturbed individual Oliver Pack. Let me see…where do I start? Let me start off with how I met the guy and branch out from there. This may ultimately prove to be very lengthy because of all the information that needs to be expressed and uncovered. Let me also emphasize that my response to these kinds of questions are never meant to necessarily demean anyone but to only truthfully outline all the details about the individual and the details surrounding the situation referenced.


I will begin with how I met him, and that was through a mutual friend who had attended the same High School and knew him pretty well. And according to this friend he was an okay guy but I think the mutual friend was only going by the person he knew in High School, not knowing a lot had changed since then. So based on his assessment of Oliver I took it at face value and didn’t think much of it, and assumed his was an accurate assessment.


So I got to know the guy somewhat, at least that’s what I thought. But there was always something about the guy that didn’t seem right and it seemed like he would go overboard trying to present himself as a roughneck,to paint an image of being rough around the edges. I would later come to realize that was done as a way to cloak his bisexual/homosexual alter ego.


But at that time I was completely ignorant to the homosexual culture and how manipulative and deceptive they are, especially when trying to satisfy their perverted lust and filthy sexual desires.


I only now realize the homosexual community had evolved to the point that a large percentage of them now use fake thug persona’s or overt macho images  to get next to men of interest.


You see it prominently displayed in the rap culture and in many other cultures and professions as well. Including activism, politics, entertainment, journalism, talk shows, judges, governors, doctors, etc.


Bonafide, unadulterated, covert, deceptive bisexuals/homosexuals masquerading as macho men, gangsters, and thugs, but in reality on a never-ending quest to procure disgusting, blood-engorged penis, and he was one of those kinds of individuals.


So he would display a fake macho image/thug image,or deceptively masquerade as masculine is another way you can describe it,to cloak his effeminate side. A practice that’s pretty common now in the homosexual community, but is something I was completely oblivious to at that time.


I had always associated homosexuality with effeminate traits and mannerisms (which is certainly a good and dependable barometer to determine the persons sexuality)not masculine behavior. But now the homosexual and lesbian community it appears has lowered their level of debauchery in terms of the level of deception and manipulation their willing to engage in.


Going to any lengths necessary to satisfy their insatiable, perverted lust, and perverted sex addiction. Even if it requires deception on the level of masquerading as something they are not, to get next to specific targets.


Now, I’m sure lesbians and homosexuals will try to twist my  statements and use them to suggest that masculine men are in fact homosexual. But I would strongly advise against falling into that very dangerous trap and way of thinking.


Because it’s designed to destroy the woman’s confidence in men by creating the false narrative that they can’t trust any man so they may as well turn lesbian themselves. Which is exactly what the homosexual and lesbian community wants you to do. And I’m certain homosexuals will use the same or a similar deceptive strategy to draw men into the filthy,corrupting, destructive lifestyle.


But all this is a direct result of the aggressive promotion of the filthy, corrupting lifestyle. Most masculine men are in fact masculine men. But there are a small percentage of homosexuals who masquerade as masculine,to get next to masculine men.


But unfortunately based on the way the homosexual lifestyle is being aggressively promoted by society, and even the government and in many social settings as well… I’m sure the number of bonafide straight men and straight women will begin to dwindle unless there’s an aggressive campaign on all social and economic levels and settings to stop it.


So I had been around the guy a time or two along with the guy that introduced me to him. At that time I still had one foot in the world, primarily because I was searching for answers as it related to the truth and had essentially been propelled back into the habit of doing some carnal things every once in a while.


Because the Church I would attend had abandoned the doctrine of keeping the commandments and began to follow the false teaching of salvation by grace through faith, without acknowledging the importance of keeping Christ and God’s doctrine. 


Not because it’s supported by scripture, or because they received some new revelation, but only because they chose to defy and rebel against the word and commandments of God. And the behavior of many of the lay members and ministers if examined can and will attest to that. As many have completely abandoned sound doctrine and embraced lies, rebellion and hypocrisy…2 Timothy 4:3.


The Bible refers to this as the great falling away that would happen in the end times. In other words, many who had received God’s truth would eventually be led away from God’s truths while embracing false doctrine. I would only later get soundly back on track after thoroughly studying God’s word myself, while also conferring with other churches who clung to the true doctrine of God and Christ.


So my faith and beliefs were shaken to some degree and I was a bit confused at that time. So I went back to living a carnal existence to some degree. It was around this time that I met the guy Oliver through the friend I mentioned. I eventually left my hometown to pursue better opportunities in a city with a much better economic outlook.


I was eventually employed while living in that city. After about a few months I was contacted by the guy Oliver who told me he got my phone number from my mother (but I didn’t bother to check because me and my mother were not on speaking terms at that time. I would only later come to find out she said  she didn’t give him the number. But I have come to realize overtime the importance of questioning anything she says as well ) and wanted to come down but he needed a place to stay until he got on his feet. I didn’t see a problem with it because I have always been the kind of person that would lend a helping hand to someone in need and who I felt was stand up.


I don’t normally name drop about anything but as it relates to this situation I felt it would be okay and I’m sure the people I’m referring to wouldn’t have a problem with me doing so. But as a point of reference you can ask Linnis Kincaide, or Craig Simmons ( just to name a few)an old friend who’s unfortunately presently serving time in a correctional institution.


A decent guy who simply made a bad choice one day due to hard times. Although I’m not sure who he is now because that environment can certainly change you in so many ways if you’re not strong. That’s why prison reform is very important because as it presently stands prisons are nothing but homosexual and lesbian production factories and profit centers.


And serve no purpose for rehabilitation but quite the opposite. You can ask these guys and others about how generous I have been throughout the years in terms of looking out for them when they didn’t’ have a place to stay and feeding them, and that’s all it was, providing a place for them to stay and food, and nothing funny, out of context or out of order.


Many who know me, know them, and if  you confer with them they will tell you, if being truthful about it, that I have been generous in offering that kind of help to them and many others. Without any funnies or requirements. Only that they cleaned up after themselves, washed dishes, and kept their surroundings clean and in order, etc. As well as genuinely worked to get back on their feet. Which I would also help them do.


The only difference was these straight men appreciated what was done for them and would tell me as much. But the cowardly,effeminate liar Oliver Pack, made it out to be something it wasn’t. He made it out to be some kind of homosexual arrangement which it wasn’t at all. And if I had known who he really was at that time I would have never allowed him to stay with me. In fact he would pretty much stay in his room and I would mine and we would bump into each other when maybe going to the fridge or getting off work.


But this is the picture he painted years later after we had parted and gone our separate ways. From my understanding this is the lie he began to spread in the homosexual community,where I’m sure he now resides full time. But again he never came across as homosexual to me because he cloaked it so well. I never really trusted the guy though in terms of confiding in him,but only providing a place for him to crash temporarily until he could afford his own and we would then go our separate ways. Which we eventually did. 


The only red flag that came up was one day he asked to sleep in my bed with me because he didn’t have a bed at the time. I told him there was no way in hell that was ever going to happen,and he would have to sleep on the floor until he got his own bed, he eventually got one of those blow-up air beds, until he could afford a water bed.


But at that time I didn’t think much of it because he cloaked his bisexuality/homosexuality so well using his thug persona. Which I have now only come to realize is a common practice now in the homosexual community, as they have evolved in terms of elevating their deceptive practices to another level to get next to ignorant individuals as a way to draw others into the filthy, corrupting, infectious, perverted lifestyle.


He knew better at that time to approach me with any kind of blatant homosexual interest or come on because I was still in the world to some degree. And the consequences would have simply been brutal because of my disdain and hate for the behavior and lifestyle. A disdain I would express to him often with emphasis on why. I view being approached by a homosexual/bisexual in a sexual manner as attempted murder of the body and spirit. Because the perversion kills the body and spirit, it destroys physically and spiritually.


So it’s a very offensive practice to me. It also acts as a magnet for strong demonic influence and produces mental instability and insanity in varying degrees, and on different levels. My question to you is what would you do if someone tried to kill you?


So you should understand why this is one reason why I feel so strongly about engaging in the filthy practice. Not to mention the fact that it involves wading through filthy, toxic, infectious human excrement, while coming into close proximity with disgusting, dangling testicles. So he never approached me in any way or gave me the impression that’s what he was.


So he obviously waited years later when we had gone our separate ways and  he found out I was fully living in accordance with the Bible and felt if he promoted that lie there would be no kind of consequence or repercussion as a result of his cowardly, effeminate actions.


But I know God has to be punishing him in some way for spreading that filthy lie, but how, I’m not sure, and if not yet he can rest assured punishment in some form is on it’s way, if it hasn’t already arrived. Not to mention what he is going to have to face in the judgment… Psalms 37, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9. He would always say he felt he was cursed, and if so I’m sure that has now been or is being greatly magnified as a result of his cowardly actions.


His whole situation and the way he may have come to be that way is sad really. Based on the information I have heard from reliable sources who regularly frequented the same block he lived on(not just haters/despisers on the block who don’t really know him, and are making up lies to defame the man, but would never say it to his face) he was continually sodomized as a child by a guy on the block who went by the name of monkey man.


A very threatening looking character who from my understanding could fight hard because he was crazy, even if he was just 5’5 or so in stature. This guy based on what was conveyed to me would regularly molest Oliver when his parents weren’t around and would tell him not to mention it or there would be serious repercussions as a result of the snitching. He was really scared and intimidated by the guy from my understanding.


This from my understanding went on for quite sometime so much so that Oliver eventually grew to love being sodomized/anally assaulted and would eventually make regular visits to be willfully sodomized as opposed to being forced to engage in the behavior, like it started out initially.


How true it is I’m not certain, but the source was adamant it happened and this could explain how he came to be the way he is today. So just like most every other practicing homosexual he was allegedly repeatedly molested as a child. In addition to the fact that he grew up in a home without a strong male figure and was surrounded by nothing but women, considering he only had sisters and no brothers.


The fact that he didn’t have the  innate wherewithal, wisdom, knowledge, or strength, to resist that form of feminizing indoctrination,which I’m sure he was probably subjected to, but not necessarily intentionally, while growing up in that environment. I believe  ultimately contributed too and molded him into the person he is today. But after we parted ways to my knowledge he relocated to Atlanta Georgia the capital of homosexuality, and to my knowledge began to promote the lie that when I allowed him to stay with me, as a kind gesture, it was some kind of homosexual arrangement. 


Which is an absolute lie, but this is the lie he was promoting within the homosexual community. That’s why its of critical importance that you know a persons background before you trust them in regards to anything. This guy is a prodigious, pathological liar like most homosexuals and lesbians are.


But sadly has been through situations which have shaped and formed him into the very disturbed, broken and cowardly individual he is today. I will never knowingly allow anyone  to falsely accuse me without exposing them and outlining the true details regarding them or the specific matter,circumstance or situation. Whether it’s friend, family or foe, if I find out about it I will address it openly and set the record straight, presenting in detail all the facts as I recollect them.


He also told me that his family had him put in a mental institution because he said he felt his brain-melting one day. I would assume he meant he went insane to some degree for reasons unexplained. How true that is I’m not sure, and maybe he just said it to prop up his fake thug image so as not to draw any suspicion to who he really was.


But another incident occurred one day when talking to him about boxing, a little dog he had purchased (now that I think about it that little dog should have been a red flag as well) was in the room and began to growl with a deep growl as he Oliver stared straight ahead with a blank strange stare on his face. And while the dog in an adjacent corner stared straight ahead but with his eyes looking to the side firmly fixated in Oliver’s direction. The growling and sneering only got deeper and more intense until he told the dog in a very angry and loud voice to “shut the f@#ck up!!” I think that may have been the evil spirit speaking through Oliver telling the dog to shut up or it may expose the fact that he was taking up residence in Oliver, and based on what I saw, it was, and the dog certainly did.


The dog didn’t stop growling but only began to growl in a lower tone. It was clear to me the dog sensed some evil spirit presence in the room and was deeply troubled by it. I found this incident to be very strange and disturbing also because I know dogs can sense the presence of evil spirits. This never happened when I played with the dog myself or was around the dog. But insane behavior and demonic possession can in many respects mirror each other and produce similar states of mind,traits and  actions. And many people who are insane are demon-possessed, and many people who are demon-possessed are insane.


That incident in my opinion was a confirmation that he was being influenced by demonic spirits as most homosexuals are, but in varying degrees. Afterward there were also many times he would be locked in his room with the dog and the dog would be wailing, barking, and growling, and I would ask him what he was doing to the dog and he would say nothing.


But I wasn’t able to see what was going on because the door would be closed and locked so I’m not sure what he was doing to the dog, but whatever it was it negatively affected the dog, because whenever you would try to pet the dog afterwards it would get very aggressive,quite different from the fun playful dog it was previously. I’m not sure if he was beating, molesting, or transferring demons into the dog.


But whatever he was doing to the dog it screwed the dog up something terrible. It certainly wasn’t the same dog after those secret sessions. My mother would chain her little pomeranian to a cabinet in her bathroom on several occasions while it stood on newspaper to house train it to crap in one area, as opposed to all over the house, and the dog would bark, growl and wail, but Oliver’s situation was a quite a bit different. He also told me he would have sex with his own sisters if given the opportunity and I think he may have with one in particular based on the way they would interact. All these things let me know something was really wrong with him and it was quickly approaching time for him to go his separate way. 


I have also compiled a list of names  below of individuals who can be referenced about him, and can vouch for what I’m saying, and who knew him because they grew up on the same block with him. Most of these individuals don’t really like him because many say he has always been a punk,and engaged in this kind of cowardly behavior even back then. Things that I came to realize only after the fact.


Let me emphasize again my intentions are not to intentionally defame or attack any individual but only to set the record straight. But obviously when being truthfully blunt and honest about a particular persons actions and character, it can come across as defamatory in many respects which is certainly not necessarily the intention. But these types of cowardly, effeminate individuals defame themselves, based on their own actions and when light is shed on those actions and on their lack of character.  


This response is simply done to expose him for the coward, liar,and undercover sexual deviant he is,and to once again set the record straight. In this case I included his full name as well as other details for confirmation because this is the kind of effeminate, cowardly behavior I despise.


And it’s important that I expose these kinds of individuals to defend my character, and set the record straight, and if they get upset that’s their problem because they shouldn’t have lied. It’s important to also point out this took place over twenty years ago. That was the first and last time I will ever be ignorantly involved in a situation like that.


He also did something similar to a another guy I know. He actually went behind the guys back and told his girl all kinds of lies about him. And called his girl anonymously one day with his voice disguised and had her come to a club where the guy was hanging out with a female friend,and tried to make it seem like I had done it, at least I think that was his intention. Because I told him where me and the guy would be hanging out with some female friends. I confronted him about it later and he confessed to it, but he never told the guy he did it,until I urged him to tell him. But he confessed to me first.


He said it wasn’t his intention to get me involved just to out the guy because he didn’t like him. A classic feminine move which should have been a red flag as well. But that’s pretty much his M.O. now. He’ll go behind the back of the individual and spread all kinds of lies and then never have the courage to come face to face with the person he slandered and lied on. He will hide like a mouse. He did it to the guy I’m referencing and to me, and I’m sure he has probably secretly done it to others as well.


But he will do the effeminate cowardly acts and hide like a mouse afterwards, and avoid the person he did it to at all costs. He will hide like his life depended on it.  The ironic thing about it is even after knowing all  this I never said a disparaging remark about the guy until I found out about all the lies he was spreading. And even now I’m not necessarily disparaging him, just speaking the truth and that in and of itself is disparaging and demeaning. But I wouldn’t have even exposed him if he didn’t spread those lies. But in cases like this I’m commanded by  scripture to rebuke and expose the evil, not to mention defend my character.


So I am just countering the lies with the truth and these kinds of effeminate, cowardly individuals normally can’t deal with the truth expressed and revealed about them. I think I have an old  picture of him as well that I found on an arrest site I will try to find it and may be posting that as well. There are some other disturbing things that I left out but may add later based on the type of response I hear or get from other parties about this liar,very cowardly, psychological basket case, and mentally disturbed individual. Not necessarily as way to get back at him,but only to rebuke him because of his lies and expose the full truth about who he is,and expose his true lack of character and lay it bare.


(UPDATE unfortunately the guy died in 2015 before I posted this response.) I wasn’t aware of his death before posting this. But I knew God’s judgement and punishment for persecuting his own would eventually find him out and unfortunately, it did. But like I’ve  said several times I have seen God punish this kind of persecution of his servants in this way on several occasions. I’m not sure how he died but he is dead. But it’s sad nevertheless.



Ephesians 5:10-13

King James Version (KJV)

10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.



2 Timothy 4:2

King James Version (KJV)

2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.



1 Timothy 5:20-21
King James Version (KJV)

20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

21 I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.

Linnis Kincaide Jr

Mark Robinson



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