Question: Are You Republican Or Democrat?


Donald Bohanon: Not to discourage anyone else from participating in the political process but I have no political affiliation, because I understand that men who follow their own selfish agendas separate  from God will not be the answer to what is plaguing the nation, and what ails the world.



But I do keep my eye on the political landscape. And I think adherence to a certain level of bible based principles will always be a plus as opposed to a complete  departure from God’s principals.


A complete departure from the principles and morals outlined in the word of God which is  the agenda the homosexual community and other perverse groups are pushing. Which if successful will prove disastrous for the nation.


God understands that there will be a certain level of rebellion because of mans carnal nature, and he is more tolerant of this because of it. But he has very little to no tolerance for abominable sinful behavior in the context of sexual perversions, mass murder, black magic and sorcery, etc..


Some political candidates champion an adherence to morality as it relates to the more offensive sins and practices and that is always a good thing, and in contrast some do not and that consequently is going to ultimately prove disastrous for the nation.


But I understand that man motivated by selfish goals and agendas will never be the solution to what’s destroying the nation and the world. But only following God’s righteous way of life. And always totally rejecting the more offensive abominable sins which provoke God to anger quicker than anything else.And that’s why  I don’t ascribe to any particular political party. Although I do monitor what’s going on in the political landscape.