President Trump Proposes The Death Penalty For Drug Dealers.


President Donald  Trump proposes the death penalty for drug dealers.Although I understand the frustration with the Opioid Epidemic I disagree with his view on this issue.I assume the focus will be on low level drug dealers as usual in regards to this crisis.When they really are small players in the bigger scheme of things.


And as usual the major drug dealers like the Pharma’s will probably get a slap on the wrist.I find that absurd when you consider  Pharmaceutical Companies have been the biggest fuelers of the Opioid Epidemic by providing millions of prescriptions for pain killers, of which the users eventually get addicted.And then eventually turn to less expensive pain killers like fentanyl to support the addiction.If you’re liberally handing out death sentences you will probably need to be handing out those sentences to heads of the Pharmaceutical Companies as well.Who in many cases provided drugs with the sole intent of getting those patients addicted to those drugs to generate bigger profits.


This is not a crisis that low level drug dealers created.Neither will it be resolved by putting low level drug dealers to death. This crisis falls directly at the feet of the Pharmaceutical  Companies.Putting low level drug dealers to death wont solve this issue.


But on the contrary seems quite personal,dubious and vindictive in nature.You can’t solve this issue by implementing a policy that appears to be motivated by revenge…and dubious intent.Rather than working to solve the issue by holding Pharmaceutical Companies financially and criminally responsible for their actions.


Actions which have in large part contributed to this crisis.I also find it strange that past administrations weren’t as zealous in implementing such drastic measures when heroin was ravaging some black communities.But now when its impacting white suburban communities, primarily, such drastic measures are in order?Getting tough on drugs didn’t solve the issue then and it wont solve it now.


I think the focus needs to be on implementing measures to increase good paying jobs in black and minority communities because this in large part is what’s contributing to low level distribution of drugs.


Most of these young men do it because they feel they need to, as a means to provide for their families.And the overwhelming majority of them are not major drug dealers, just low level dealers who view it as a means to earn a living.If we’re going to be honest about it, we all know that many corrupt politicians are involved in the drug trade on a bigger level in terms of major drug running…why aren’t they being targeted?


The motivation and method for solving the issue has to be genuine and unbiased or God will see it for what it is,it will anger him, your efforts will fall flat and the epidemic will grow worse in white suburban communities.If you really want to solve the issue focus on the big Pharma’s who are the primary culprits in creating this epidemic as research and investigations have shown.Putting low level drug dealers to death wont solve the issue but will only be a symbolic fight against drugs without focusing on what the real source of the problem is.


A strategy which has already been tried but failed miserably.If you really want to solve the issue focus on who is really creating the issue, like the Pharma’s who are the major players and culprits.Targeting low level drug dealers has never and will never solve the issue.But focusing on the underlying issues which are fueling the low level distribution I believe will.


And if not it will only offend God,curse your efforts,and fuel an already out of control epidemic.Of course normal and even ramped up policing of  low level drug offenses is in order.But that’s certainly not to suggest or recommend heavy jail time for minor drug offenses.


That has been proven ineffective and only adds to the dilemma.Because you break up families over petty drug offenses,which creates a never ending cycle  of poverty,violence and crime.But killing low level dealers as a possibly vindictive,dubious,racist act(not to suggest President Trump is racist because I don’t believe he is, just maybe frustrated with the crisis and a bit misguided on this issue) cloaked as a symbolic fight against drugs,I believe wont solve the issue but will bring and heap more curses on the nation.


And will only exacerbate it.It will also anger God and insure those who were quite possibly motivated by evil and  racist  intentions in regards to the implementation of the policy will be judged and exposed in terms of what their real motivations were, and punished by God accordingly.God sees everything  even the deep things of the heart.


And knows what the real motivation for such a drastic measure is.And if it’s motivated by evil and racist intent America will suffer even more for it. A person who is addicted to drugs will get the drugs as long as they are readily available and accessible.Efforts to stop Pharma’s from promoting widespread addiction to pain killers, and focusing on major players/fentanyl importers who are making the drugs readily available should be the focus, and will go a long way in solving the issue in my opinion.


Focus on the filthy rich Pharma’s and other major fentanyl distributors and create good paying jobs in the black and minority communities,to quell low level distribution.I’m convinced this will play a major role in working to solve the issue.As opposed to putting low level offenders to death. 

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