The recent massacre of 13 people at a United States Naval Yard by a mentally unstable man is just another in a long line of tragic events that have recently shocked the American Public. A man who  appeared to many to be  stable and normal suddenly snaps and engages in behavior that is completely out of character. Many who knew him are dumbfounded and can’t understand how a person they felt they knew so well, could be accused of such a terrible violent act. Many say he showed no signs of instability but it has recently come to light that he may have been hearing voices. It is also suggested that he may have even felt that he was being controlled by microwaves and if this is in fact the case he may very well have had some underlying mental health issues that no one really knew about.


It is being reported that he sought help to deal with the voices that were plaguing him but his cry for help was pretty much overlooked. This is also one point that I find very interesting  and felt it important to touch on because I recently made the statement that God has spoken to me on occasion, and I felt it necessary to explain how to discern the voice of God from that of demonic influence which is obviously what Mr. Alexis was being influenced by to some degree based on his actions. In many respects people that have mental health issues are being influenced by demonic spirits, doctors, psychiatrist and psychologist will never diagnose it as such because they have been trained for the most part to view and deal with these issues from a physical, mental, psychiatric, and or psychological perspective. But what most fail to understand is the mental state of  human beings  is largely influenced by the spiritual condition of the individual.


Christ on several occasions had to cast  demons out people who were  believed by many to be mentally insane. But Christ being God was so in tune with the human spirit that he knew the problems in most cases were not mental or psychological at all but spiritual in nature, and required a spiritual solution, which Christ effectively provided with great success everytime. I felt it important to touch on this issue  because I recently made the statement  in the audio entitled “The Fear Of God, What Does It Mean?” that God has spoken to me on occasion, and based on this incident with this young man going on a rampage and taking the lives of several innocent people while claiming  he heard voices. I felt it important that I clarify the difference between voices coming from demonic influences, and a voice coming from God speaking to his servants in the spirit.



Probably two of the most important points that need to be  understood and considered are if you are not living in accordance with God’s commandments and his word while being filled with or powerfully led by his holy spirit, God  wont be speaking with or communicating with you in this fashion at all. And if you are hearing audible voices and not living in accordance with God’s word and or being led by his spirit, his spirit which motivates his servants to obey his commandments and his word which instruct us not to commit murder. Voices that are  instructing you to pick up a gun and kill as many innocent people as you possibly can , I think it’s safe to say based on God’s word,character and divine nature,  you are not being influenced by God, and I would advise you to run as fast as you can to the nearest mental health institution and seek treatment. And if that doesn’t work find a true minister or servant of God who is powerfully led by the holy spirit to pray over you.


When God does communicate with his servants in these end times it is done primarily  through his word, and through the spirit on occasion, and it is not so much by an audible voice but is done inwardly, quietly through the spirit for the most part, and he never instructs a person to hurt  or harm good, innocent people, or to do evil in any regard, but it will always be good, physically and spiritually beneficial information that is consistent with the Bible, his word, for the most part.  God if he is communicating with his servants wont be instructing them to hurt  or harm innocent people who are no a threat to them and have done them no harm. Or to go on murderous rampages killing innocent people. And if voices are instructing you to do such heinous acts you can rest assured it is not God communicating with you and you are probably being influenced by demonic forces. That’s a point that needs to be clarified lest sexual deviants/perverts/haters of God if they haven’t already, in an effort to blaspheme God and discredit  me, take my statements completely out of context and use those statements  to  paint a  false, distorted picture about me.


This man was obviously in need of help and was struggling with demons that he had very little control over. Terrible accounts like this are a sign of the times as well, the Bible says in these end times men and women will fall increasingly and more frequently  under the influence and control of demonic spirits and forces. It may have much to do with the promotion and glorification of sorcery and black magic, as well as the promotion and distribution of violent games, music and movies in these end times, which certainly create a spiritual atmosphere and environment where demonic forces  are increasingly active in the lives of everyday  people. Unfortunately this terrible incident of a mentally unstable man massacring 13 at a U.S. Naval Yard according to scripture will ultimately repeat itself  in one form or another. Everything from destructive weather events, to wars, to an increase in societal murder and violence, in reality  can be attributed to and traced back to  mankind’s rejection of God and his word. As they  increasingly and ignorantly submit to the will and ways of Satan, and unfortunately because of it according to scripture  there will be more incidents of civil unrest,  violence, war and bloodshed.



By Donald Bohanon