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Behold The Coming Terrible Wrathful Hand Of Almighty God.


For years the homosexual community has engaged in some of the most wicked and abominable evil behavior largely unchecked. They regularly lie on and slander others as a way to create a false perception of them in the eyes of ignorant onlookers and or observers.


In hopes of breaking them to force those same individuals, into the same filthy, corrupting, destructive, ungodly lifestyle, and behavior. They regularly slander and lie on God. They falsely accuse God of condoning and being supportive of their ungodly, sexually perverse behavior. Romans 1:26-32, Leviticus 20:13, Leviticus 18:22.


They aggressively promote abominable rebellion against God. And consistently lie on and slander God’s servants in hopes of drawing them into the filthy lifestyle. They seek to pervert even God’s very elect. 


They have been responsible for the destruction of tens of millions of lives by promoting the filthy,  infectious, destructive, disease-producing behavior of homosexual sex. They have been responsible for the widespread sexual molestation and brainwashing of children while operating with absolute impunity.


They are working aggressively and covertly in the educational systems to indoctrinate and pervert children. They are actively engaged in trying to destroy the ability of those who rightfully and justifiably speak out against them to work and earn a living in any capacity. Which is a form of murder and or attempted murder.


They call abominable evil, good, and love, and falsely and slanderously claim that God supports them. They proudly and openly express their defiance of God in gay pride parades. They manipulate the poor, vulnerable, and desperate, to force them to engage in homosexual sex.


They secretly bully many in schools and other academic and or learning institutions who oppose them and have been covertly responsible for many young people committing suicides as a result of their lies and slanders.


They secretly promote civil unrest and violence to advance their evil agenda. They are one of the primary reasons the covid19 plague as a form of punishment from God is ravaging societies and communities. And they are responsible for even more abominable evil, death and suffering. 


Their consuming lust and desire for perverse sexual gratification, and their desire to satisfy it, drives them to engage in the most abominable evil behavior without any consideration for its consequences, or for the feelings of others, or for the consequences to others. 


Homosexuality was once classified as a mental illness and should have remained that way. They are a wholly evil, unrepentant, sick, and incorrigible group. And what makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they think they are good.


There is no more dangerous and greater evil than the abominable evil that’s convinced that its evil is good, and stands for good. Because of the unchecked, unholy, abominable, evil that will spring forth from that. And there is truly no limit to the depths of evil they will engage in to satisfy their lust.


And because of this, a fierce consuming plague of God’s time and choosing will descend upon the proud, committed, homosexual/ bisexual/ transgender/lesbian/ pedophile community.


With the exception of some of my relatives and some others I have prayed for, and hopefully, those relatives and others will learn from this experience and repent themselves.


It will be terrible in its going forth. It will consume and destroy swiftly. There will be no cures for it. And no answers or solutions that any man or doctor can offer or produce to quell its ravenous appetite for consuming this perverse, ungodly group.


Both old and young, rich and poor, small and great, will be consumed by this terrifying plague from the wrathful hand of a God. It will only be stopped when homosexual and lesbian marriage is outlawed and the behavior itself is outlawed.


And when the remnants of a disease-ravaged homosexual community will be nationally televised apologizing to God for all the pain and death they have caused as a result of the spread of HIV even to the heterosexual community.


Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for their abominable rebellion against God and for teaching others, even children, to engage in the same filthy, evil, destructive behavior. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for seeking to pervert and destroy God’s servants.


Apologizing and asking for forgiveness because they are one of the primary reasons God is bringing all of these plagues and suffering on America as a result of their abominable sin. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for molesting children physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for persecuting God’s servants. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for lying on and defaming God and his servants. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for working to force others to capitulate to their evil demands. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for  trying to force others to engage in homosexual and lesbian sex.


Apologizing and asking for forgiveness for all the evil they have done and all the suffering and death they have caused in general.


While promising never to engage in the fight for the legalization or support of homosexual and lesbian marriage, bisexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia,  or behavior, etc, ever again. After which I will go to God in prayer asking him to stop the plague.


And if they or anyone else ever embarks on a campaign to legalize or promote the behavior again the plaque will automatically reappear and pick up where it left off.


Those who continue to support them by word and deed will also be consumed by the same plague unless they distance themselves from them and cease to support them in any capacity.


This plague will be exclusive to the proud, committed, homosexual/ bisexual/ transgender/lesbian and pedophile communities and no other communities. The appearance of the plague will be horrible as it ravages the body and consumes the flesh and life from the host and will be difficult to look upon.


Hiding won’t help, this plague will seek them out and find them wherever they dwell. They will be a pariah as a group around the world and none will seek to keep company with them or associate with them for fear of catching the plague and being labeled a supporter.


They will be rejected and despised among men.  A fierce plague from the wrathful hand of God is about to descend upon the proud, committed, homosexual/ bisexual/ transgender/lesbian/ pedophile community as a result of all the evil they have done and all the pain, suffering, and death they have caused. And continue to cause.

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