A Message To Mark Zuckerberg Owner Of Facebook.

A message to Mark Zuckerberg and to the owners and executives of Facebook. My name is Donald Bohanon I am requesting that you cease with the promotion of any content promoting homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism, or pedophilia on your social media platforms. All current content that promotes this behavior on your sites, is to also be removed.

I’m also directly requesting a contribution of 5 billion dollars to be transferred to me immediately so I can work to turn around this filthy environment you have been partly responsible for creating. This money is to be tax-free you will pay the taxes for the contribution.

You have been chosen to foot the bill also as Disney has because you have been partially responsible for the spread and dissemination of this very corrupting and destructive information. Although maybe not to the degree Disney has. If Disney doesn’t comply they will collapse. I would advise you to consider these requests wisely to ensure the survival of your businesses.

If you fail to do these two things all of your organizations will collapse financially to never rise again. You and your family members will be reduced to poverty in comparison to where you were before financially. Every organization associated with or that works under the Facebook umbrellas, etc, will collapse financially as well.

Let me be clear this is not coming from my hand as obviously I don’t have control of conditions that can affect the financial markets but the most high God does and I’m his messenger. If you seek to harm me in any way ( and only as God allows it) instead of complying with the request the most high God will bring a plague or a form of calamity upon you that will destroy you and everything you love. That applies to you or anyone else who seeks to harm me. Harm God’s servants and there will be widespread unsurvivable cataclysmic consequences is the point and message.

You have 72 hrs to respond to me via email. If you comply you will continue to do well even in the midst of a recession and financial hardship. If you fail to fulfill these requests in that time frame you will start to lose billions of dollars a day by God’s hand for every day you fail to make the contribution. Ultimately resulting in the rapid financial collapse of your companies altogether. You can contact me through the contact form on this site. I await your response.

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