Does Wearing A Beard Equal Masculinity And Manhood?


Absolute stupidity and ignorance, it looks ragged and tacky in my opinion I’m clean shaven and confident I look better that way. To suggest that a beard makes you a man and if you don’t have one you’re a child, a woman, or other, and I’m sure that “or other” is a pathetic attempt at questioning a mans sexuality based on whether he wears a beard or not, and it is outright stupid and absolutely ignorant, and I’m sure that ignorance is something that is being promoted by some Muslim factions and the Black Hebrew Israelites. What makes you a man is character, bible based character, knowledge, wisdom and maturity, period!,not rocking a beard.


In reality making a silly, ignorant statement like that is a sign of ignorance, stupidity and immaturity, not masculinity. This is simply about control and is consistent with the Muslim faith and the Black Hebrew Israelites , if you don’t dress like me, believe like me, or look like me, then you are not a man which in reality is a pathetic attempt at promoting their false religion and forcing their twisted beliefs on others, absolutely pathetic, manipulative, evil and deceitful because none it is consistent with God’s word, only as they twist a verse or two in the old testament and take it completely out of context, the bible and Christ explain what defines a man and it and certainly doesn’t involve lying, manipulating and deceiving, and  involves much, much,more than  just rocking a beard.

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