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Published on: Feb 5, 2011


It’s been brought to my attention that there may be people in high governmental positions that seek to ensnare me by my words based on what I said as it relates to God’s decree, because of the specificity of my statements.Possibly labeling me as a threat to national security.How they are able to do that I am not sure though.I’m not a threat to national security but your acceptance,promotion and practicing of behaviors that greatly anger God are.What you practice and promote if it offends and angers God is the threat to national security.


If it is in fact true they  may seek to hold me accountable if the events happen as I stated, which is ridiculous.What needs to be understood is that I do not control the weather, events, or world events, but God does.


I heard a meteorologist say recently that these destructive weather patterns are caused by hot and cold air fronts mixing and that may very well be the case. But God understands that better than anyone because he created the air, both hot and cold, and certainly knows how to manipulate them to produce the desired effect.


That would be considered basic math or physics to the great God. All mathematical equations or physics, no matter how difficult  for man, are simple child’s play to the great God.

And if that is the case that would explain it. God obviously does not  want any harm to come to me and will not allow them to ensnare me and wants it to be known without a shadow of a doubt that he is responsible for these events not me.


So he maybe  refraining from acting, so that is why I have removed the decree,not out of fear but only because I know God wont do it if this information is true to insure my safety and that no blame falls on my head.


He is a great God indeed  who loves his servants dearly, there is none like him. That may explain why things have not happened yet as outlined in the decree as it relates to Delaware.The prayers of God’s true saints may very well be the reason why things have not yet happened as outlined as well.


God hears the prayers of his true servants, and  the intercessory prayers of thousands of God’s true servants can be very, very, very, powerful and effective.


God is a merciful God but I would advise you not to push your luck in terms of continued defiance Psalms 50:22. Make no mistake about it God’s punishment of America will proceed with an increase in destructive weather patterns and continued economic trouble if America continues legalizing and exporting and does not work to outlaw and stop exporting extremely offensive sexual perversions like homosexuality/bisexuality and lesbianism to other nations.

Trust me you do not want God to ratchet things up, the more we defy him as a nation by legalizing these perversions the angrier he gets which wont bode well at all for America Deuteronomy 32:22-25.


If we as a nation don’t obey him by first and foremost outlawing these perversions and then by making a few other critical changes  like acknowledging the commandments,focusing on eliminating mass murder in the urban neighborhoods and communities,as well as black magic and sorcery.


We as a nation will ultimately be destroyed completely.But it does not have to be, there is a simple solution just work to outlaw the perversions and make a few other critical changes  and God  will stay his hand from further destruction, and the nation will heal and prosper and be that great nation that it once was again.


But if you refuse to obey and these perverse abominable sins increase and continue to be legalized there will be nothing me or any other true servant of God will be able to do in terms of making intercession Jeremiah 7:16.


You will simply be destroyed from within by economic trouble, disease, and natural disasters, and then ultimately by nuclear annihilation by an invading military force, and you will be weakened from national curses to such a degree, that there will be very little you can do as a nation to prevent it .

May God help those in positions of leadership to make wise decisions.They must also understand that the blood and lives of those lost in these disasters falls on their heads for provoking God’s hand by signing these ungodly bills into law.


They will be held accountable when judged.What they do is called justification of wickedness it literally fertilizes and cultivates sexual perversions, wickedness, and ungodliness.It is an abomination and is punishable by death in the lake of fire Proverbs 17:15, Revelation 21:7-8.


Not to mention all the deaths they will be responsible for, their deaths as well as the deaths of their own sons and daughters, as a result of these same foolish politicians signing these perversions into law.


God help them to understand that they are insuring their own physical and spiritual destruction as well as the destruction of their own sons and daughters.

The important question is will President Obama be America’s version of an end time Pharoah? Pharoah ruler of Egypt was warned by God to let his a people go and because he refused he was smitten by all manner of plagues and ultimately destroyed because of his unwillingness to submit  to the will and authority  of God, Exodus Chapters 7-14,. Will president Obama and America suffer a similar fate?

God is already thundering his warning message through this site about how offensive, repugnant,  and abominable, pedophilia/homosexuality/bisexuality/lesbianism are and how he intends to destroy this nation and others  if they continue to work to legalize such sickening behavior.


God is already demonstrating a fraction of his anger and power by cursing America  with all manner of destructive weather patterns and economic trouble, destructive weather patterns that can and will impact the economy as well, in addition to world events that God controls that can also effect the economy.

The question is will president Obama be wise and work to outlaw such offensive behaviors and be blessed for doing so or will he continue to wear this false cloak of humility, while at the same time displaying satanic pride, by legalizing behaviors that enrage, and greatly offend God?

Mr. President  almighty  God gives you an ultimatum and to any President that comes after you.Work aggressively to outlaw these perversions and be  regarded by God because of your obedience, or defy God, be cursed, and go down in history as some of the biggest presidential failures as God continues to curse every aspect your economic policies.


God says when air is put in one tire two tires shall be deflated as it relates to your economic recovery. I will curse the work of your hands and will make you a laughing stock for all your opponents and detractors, as well as your supporters saith the Lord God Of Host.


And no policy that you implement shall take root and produce fruit until you acknowledge me as supreme authority, ruler, and judge,by working aggressively to  outlaw these sickening perversions and by making a few other critical changes.

There will be no economic recovery or prosperity in the midst of wickedness and perversions, neither  will I continue to make fat the bellies of perverse, ungodly, men and women in positions of power that despise me saith the lord God of hosts.


God says he has no desire to destroy Israel/United States  and will hold the men and women accountable physically, and spiritually, that provoke him to do so  by legalizing filthy perversions that enrage and provoke him to destroy the United States.


God says he knows what you do in secret Mr. Obama and knows that you are working in secret to accomplish your perverse agenda. Be warned Mr. President and all those that work with you to bring to fruition such evil, you will be punished for it in the judgment and in this life if you defy him. I am God and there is none other, thus saith the lord God of hosts.

The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the perverse confused few.And the needs of the good, decent,righteous few, far  outweigh the needs of the perverse confused many. Because pride,perversion, and wickedness, lead to defiance,confusion, rebellion,  and anarchy,  and ultimately the destruction of nations and more importantly the physical and spiritual destruction of millions of lives and souls, without fail.


The question that you need to ask yourselves is the support of these perverse, ungodly groups and lifestyles, more important than your lives, and the lives of your sons and daughters?


Donald Bohanon


Was Herbert Armtrong The End Time Elijah Mentioned In Malachi 4:5-6?



Malachi 4:5-6

New International Version (NIV)

“See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”



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